12 Interesting Facts about Brazilian Terriers

The Brazilian Terrier is the best dog for you if you are looking for an energetic and fearless terrier! These dogs are always up and ready for any game. They are intelligent, playful, alert and great for long daily walks.

The Brazilian Terrier originated from Brazil. They are commonly known as the dog of the common people in Brazil. Nobody can really tell the origin of these dogs, however, some people claim that they originated from Jack Russell and Fox Terriers.

The following are interesting facts that you must know about Brazilian Terriers:


The Brazilian Terrier is famously known as Fox Paulistinha and Terrier Brasileiro. They are considered as a native dog breed from Brazil.

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Brazilian Terriers are loving and friendly dogs. They are fearless with amazing rodent hunting skills.

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They can be easily trained, as they are intelligent and focused. However, they usually need an alpha leader to serve as a guide for them.

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Their hunting skills are strong and powerful. It is advisable that children should always be supervised when playing with these dogs.

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They are short dogs with smooth coat. They are known for their tricolors which are white, tan with black, brown or blue.

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Brazilian Terriers tail is docked. They have flat skull and have folded ears.

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They need a wide and a huge space to play and run. They are very active dogs that need lots of physical and mental activities.

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They are fearless dogs that will do everything to get what they want.

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Like other dogs, they are great companions. They are very loyal and affectionate pets too.

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In Brazil, they are commonly used for herding as they have natural herding abilities.

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They are also great watchdogs as they are always alert and skeptic about anything suspicious and unfamiliar. They can easily alert their owners if there are intruders and won’t stop barking until you command them to stop.

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It is advisable to train these dogs to socialize while they are young as they can be a threat to visitors.

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