12 Interesting Facts about Brazilian Terriers

The Brazilian Terrier is the best dog for you if you are looking for an energetic and fearless terrier! These dogs are always up and ready for any game. They are intelligent, playful, alert and great for long daily walks.

The Brazilian Terrier originated from Brazil. They are commonly known as the dog of the common people in Brazil. Nobody can really tell the origin of these dogs, however, some people claim that they originated from Jack Russell and Fox Terriers.

The following are interesting facts that you must know about Brazilian Terriers:


The Brazilian Terrier is famously known as Fox Paulistinha and Terrier Brasileiro. They are considered as a native dog breed from Brazil.

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Brazilian Terriers are loving and friendly dogs. They are fearless with amazing rodent hunting skills.

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They can be easily trained, as they are intelligent and focused. However, they usually need an alpha leader to serve as a guide for them.

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Their hunting skills are strong and powerful. It is advisable that children should always be supervised when playing with these dogs.

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They are short dogs with smooth coat. They are known for their tricolors which are white, tan with black, brown or blue.

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Brazilian Terriers tail is docked. They have flat skull and have folded ears.

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They need a wide and a huge space to play and run. They are very active dogs that need lots of physical and mental activities.

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They are fearless dogs that will do everything to get what they want.

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Like other dogs, they are great companions. They are very loyal and affectionate pets too.

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In Brazil, they are commonly used for herding as they have natural herding abilities.

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They are also great watchdogs as they are always alert and skeptic about anything suspicious and unfamiliar. They can easily alert their owners if there are intruders and won’t stop barking until you command them to stop.

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It is advisable to train these dogs to socialize while they are young as they can be a threat to visitors.

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Top 10 Dumbest Criminals on Earth

Criminals must also execute well laid plans for their crimes. Otherwise, they can be everyone’s laughing stock. Criminals are becoming dumber these days thinking that their victims are futile. The funny thing is that they thought they can outsmart the police, however, many times their victims can outsmart them.

Here are the lamest criminals, dumbest felons, and funny lawbreakers who made their own spot from among the most stupid criminals of all time.

Top 1: Shopping with a Million Dollar Bill

Obviously, the largest bill in circulation in the USA is One Hundred Dollars. Perhaps even kindergartens have learned this at school. However, Michael Anthony Fuller was so stupid that he forged a One Million Dollar Bill. The foolish Mr. Fuller went to Walmart to cash in his $1 Million note. He tried to buy some products worth $476. He must have calculated a fantastic change of $999,524.00. Of course, the police was called and he went to jail. He was charged with attempt to take good under false pretense.

Photo Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IhMJyw5tJ3U/TwHf3ObacLI/AAAAAAAAEQo/GA_FLHue6FA/s1600/Michael%2BAnthony%2BFuller.jpg

Top 2: Disguise

Dennis Hawkins disguised like a woman to rob a bank. He used a blonde wig, fake breasts, and clown pants. Unfortunately, Hawkins forgot to cover his face, making him the craziest eye-catching man on Earth. Later, a gas station attendant reported an outlandish man dressed like a woman trying to steal a car. He was caught right away.

Photo Credit: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/07/27/article-1297948-0A9490C2000005DC-89_634x377.jpg

Top 3: Didn’t Feel like Walking

Frank Singleton, a 21 year old man was just freed from prison. Singleton was so excited to commit a crime right after his release that he went to the jail parking lot and carjacked a woman. He was successful, however, it turned out he cannot drive a manual. Obviously, he was sent back to jail. The police asked him about why he committed another crime right there and then, he said that he didn’t feel like walking.

Photo Credit: http://wp.criminaljusticeschools.com/wp-content/uploads/cdn/FrankSingleton.jpg

Top 4: Publish a Book

Krystian Bala, a Polish author can brutally killed a person, published a book about it, and believed he can get rid of it just like that. However, the police are a lot smarter than he thought. Bala brutally murdered a man named Dariusz Janiszewski, in 2000. Three years after his crime, he wrote the story in his novel entitled, Amok. Fortunately, the police came across with his book and uncovered the heinous crime leading to Bala.

Photo Credit: http://www.sentieriselvaggi.it/wp-content/uploads/public/articoli/41420/Images/nuovo-progetto-polanski-amok-true-crime.jpg

Top 5 Use a baseball bat to steal a gun

Derrick Mosley must be in dire need of a gun. He went to a gun store and smashed a glass display of guns using his baseball bat, however, things are not as easy as he had expected.  Of course, the manager pulled out a gun and asked him to stay put until the police came to arrest him.

Photo Credit: https://lintvkoin.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/7-25-13-derrick-mosley.jpg

Top 6: Add your victim as a friend on your Facebook

Juan Gonzales Jr stole a cell phone from a woman and easily got away from his crime. However, Gonzales thought it would be great to add the woman as her Facebook friend. Of course, the woman recognized him from his Facebook photos and got his complete name. He was caught and charged with second-degree burglary and felony theft.

Photo Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Gq8ULf2uLX8/U24trM-NU4I/AAAAAAAAl10/7-znHLXZhQE/s1600/juan-gonzales-jr.gif

Top 7: Call the help of police for low quality Cocaine

An older woman unfortunately got a low quality cocaine. She believed she was fooled so badly that she wants all her money back.  She can’t think of anyone for help so he asked a police officer to help her. As evidence, she even showed the cocaine to the police officer. Obviously, instead of getting her money back, she went to jail.

Photo Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1319471/images/o-COCAINE-facebook.jpg

Top 8: Coordinate the Crime

Daniel Glen from Ontario Canada called a convenience store to inquire how much was in the cash register. Obviously, the police was alerted and waited for Glen’s arrival.

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Top 9: Dumbest Car Thieves in France

A not so smart car thief from Louisiana tried to steal a car containing a State Police detective and two police US Marshal Fugitive Task Force. He came to the car door and insisted on opening the door. It was too late for him when he realized the detective sign and the men in uniform inside the car.

Photo Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/French_Police_p1230006.jpg

Top 10: One futile criminal versus 300 policemen

A retired police officer was threatened by a 19 year old robber with a gun when he left a men’s room in Pennsylvania. The robber took cash and mobile phones from the retired officer. Fortunately, about 300 policemen were on their way to attend a seminar. The retired policeman asked for help. A speedy chase was performed and the robber has no way out.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date

Breaking Bad was a tremendously successful television series that millions of fans are clamoring for Breaking Bad Season 6. Unfortunately, Breaking Bad has ended. It’s done and it’s never coming back.

The news about Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date was a hoax. A fake story about the Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date was widely spread out all over Google and various social media platforms. Unfortunately, Season 5 was really the end of the series. Walter White has died and did not really lived as mentioned in the hoax news.

The hunger for more Breading Bad seasons is undeniable and people are really excited to know if there’s a Season 6. Regrettably, like most television series, Breaking Bad has concluded.

For now, let’s find out, why Breaking Bad is such a big hit. Maybe because the story has taught viewers, many lessons. Here are the top 10 unforgettable lessons from Breaking Bad series:

Family is King!

When Walter was diagnosed with a critical illness, he knew that he has to do something quick to make sure his family was taken care of once he was gone. This is the major reason why he went into illegal drugs. Selling methamphetamine became his way to becoming wealthy. However, as we all knew, illegal drug business would always result to non-stop criminal related activities such as murder, and destroying young people’s lives.

Photo Credit: http://static.srcdn.com/slir/w570-h300-q90-c570:300/wp-content/uploads/Breaking-Bad-Season-5-Cast-AMC.jpg

Chemistry can make you rich

Chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects in school. We are certain that lots of students dislike this subject. However, if you studied this course, it can help you earn lots of money. An average high school chemistry teacher can earn as much as $55,000 annually. It’s actually a decent salary for a family man. However, if you want to be really wealthy, then a background in Chemistry can really make one person very rich by producing crystal meth. But please use your knowledge on better causes, Breaking Bad is just a television show.

Photo Credit: http://www.yalescientific.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Image-A-Walt-in-High-School.jpg

Change your Image.

Change up your image as this can really develop your self-esteem. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer like Walter who transformed into a boring high school teacher to a drug lord. He grew his beard and shaved his head. This made him look totally different from the man he used to be. However, please transform your looks to someone better and certainly not a drug lord!

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Keep a lawyer friend for life

Every bad guy should have a lawyer friend. In Breaking Bad, Walter White has kept a very smart Lawyer, Saul Goodman to keep him away from the prison bars.

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Make yourself indispensable

In Breaking Bad, Walter White is the best producer of crystal meth that even his mortal enemies can’t kill him for it. In life and in work, when you produce the highest quality of products, you became truly indispensable!

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To be successful, you need a strong team.

Walter White made sure that he had the smartest and strongest people on his team. His partners in crime are the best drug dealers in town . Jesse, for example, was a perfect match for him as they can peacefully work and divide tasks effectively.


7. Successful People Work Hard

Success does not happen overnight! People who are successful worked very hard to achieve their dreams. This principle also applies to drug lords such as Walter White and Jesse. They both worked enormously to keep their success going.

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Networking is key!

For any business, one should at least have the proper connections. Certainly, building relationships is key. In Breaking Bad, Walter White made sure that he had the right people and networks in order to survive and succeed in the illegal drug industry.

Photo Credit: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/breakingbad/images/d/db/Group-Shot-1fcsxzgrdfg.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130418203802

Set goals that scares you!

As someone diagnosed with cancer, Walter White knew he wouldn’t last long, hence he aimed to earn as much money to keep his family in good state for many centuries to come.

Photo Credit: http://guardianlv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Breaking-Bad-Walter-White-Cash-1-650x403.jpeg

Customers are king!

Many times in the Breaking Bad television series, Walter White and Jesse has to deal with difficult customers. However, they always remained zealous in dealing with them with respect.

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The Top 15 Animal Illnesses That Can Cripple or Kill Your Pets. Blastomycosis in Dogs Is One of Them

The Top 15 Animal Illnesses That Can Cripple or Kill Your Pets. Blastomycosis in Dogs Is One of Them

Even our beloved pets and all animals in general are not spared from illnesses and diseases that can either affect their whole lives, or worse, kill them. Having pets at home is just like caring for another human family member. They have their own needs and they need to be taken care of like being taken to the vet for checkups when they fall ill and being brought to the groomer so they remain clean and tidy.

There are so many types of illnesses and diseases that can befall our animals, and blastomycosis in dogs is one of them. There are certain diseases that humans and animals both share, like cancer and diabetes. We have to be mindful of what our pets are experiencing so we can prevent any onset of disease or nip it in the bud when it is already there. Here are the most common animal diseases that can affect animals. Read on and be aware of what can happen to your pets if these affect them and left undetected and untreated.



Blastomycosis in dogs is caused by a fungal infection, the culprit of which is Blastomycoses dermatitidis, a type of fungus. This type of disease is not exclusive to dogs; even humans can be affected too. This disease often commences in the lungs and as it progresses it affects other bodily tissues. The mycelial phase is the stage when the fungus infects dogs and humans. It is most commonly found in soil nearby bodies of fresh water. So when you let your dog play near the water, and the soil is acidic, chances are he can develop this disease. Big dogs are most commonly affected by this disease.

Renal Failure

Renal Failure

Although kidney failure can affect both cats and dogs regardless of their age, this disease is most prevalent in older cats. But cats can be treated and get well and live healthily for years more, but sadly it is not the same in dogs. When they are diagnosed with this disease, their condition quickly deteriorates that can lead to death when left untreated. You can detect renal failure through blood tests. Take your cats or dogs to the vet for annual blood work so you can determine if they are ill or not.



Diabetes in animals is much like that in humans. Animals can develop diabetes as they age, and can also be contained through proper diet and exercise. So when your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, go easy on the treats, so it can live a long and healthy life free of any debilitating disease.



Now this must be one of the scariest diseases an animal can have. Not only it affects the animal itself, but when they bite another animal or a human, it can also get infected and eventually die. Although there have been anti-rabies vaccines given to dogs and other animals, there are still many cases of rabies in developing countries. One obvious characteristic of a rabid dog is excessive salivation and erratic behavior. Those bitten by rabid cats or dogs should immediately head to the emergency room for vaccines and hopefully the virus does not reach the brain that will eventually cause death. Infected animals also die after biting another animal or human. So always have your dog or cat vaccinated against rabies.



Distemper is a virus that can affect dogs. Although anti-distemper vaccines are part of routine dog vaccinations, those puppies that have just been born and are not yet vaccinated can contract this deadly virus. High fever is one of the obvious symptoms of this disease, as well as nasal discharge. Few dogs survive this disease, and in the few times that they do, they suffer the lasting effects such as toughened paw pads and sometimes seizures. Do not scrimp on dog vaccinations; these will surely save your dog and prolong its life.



Parvovirus attacks the heart and intestines of dogs and cats. Parvovirus vaccines are widely available, so those that are most commonly afflicted by this are pups and kittens that are still too young to be vaccinated. Older cats and dogs can also be affected by parvovirus, if they have not been vaccinated. The prognosis of parvovirus is bleak, most, if not all, dogs and cats that contract the virus will likely die. Those in shelters or in close living quarters with an infected animal are most likely to develop parvo. It is spread through direct or indirect contact with dog poop of the infected, so keep an eye on your pet if it comes in contact with another animal’s poopie.



This disease is carried by mosquitos, and when dogs and cats are bitten, their hearts develop worms that can prove to be fatal, especially in cats. Heartworm in dogs can be treated in detected early on, but unfortunately for their feline counterparts, once they contract the disease, few survive to tell the tale.



Just like humans, animals can become obese too. Pets that weigh more than they should are most likely to develop other diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and more. It can also lead to the early demise of your pet. If you notice that your pet is dragging its body and finds it difficult to be active, take it to the vet to consult for the proper way of reducing its weight to a healthy level. Join your pet in exercising and dieting so you too can lose that stubborn weight you have been planning to lose all year long.

Gastric Torsion

Gastric Torsion

Does your pet wolf down its food like there’s no tomorrow? If it does, it can cause gastric torsion or more simply called bloating. If you notice that after meals, it struggles to vomit but nothing comes out of its mouth, or its tummy is noticeably rounder and bigger, or it is restless and saliva drips from its mouth, it is most likely suffering from this condition. What you can do is to train him to eat slowly and not too over eager to finish its food as soon as its food bowl lands on the floor.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most common illness caused by ticks. When an infected tick clings to the dog for at least a day, it will most likely infect the dog too. When you notice that your dog does not move gaily and its limbs look weak, it may have the disease. One very effective way of preventing this disease from being contracted by your dog is by frequently checking for ticks. If left undetected and untreated, Lyme disease can lead to kidney issues. Take your dog to the vet for proper antibiotic medication.

Other Tick-Borne Diseases

Other Tick-Borne Diseases

Aside from Lyme disease, there are other problems that ticks and fleas can bring. They are not just annoyances on your pets’ backs, but they can prove to be dangerous to them and to humans as well. If you don’t want ticks and fleas on your pets, make sure that their habitat is clean, and if they are welcome inside your home, then the whole house is their habitat, which means that you always have to keep the house clean so it does not become a breeding ground for these creepy crawlers.



Who ever thought that animals can have cancer too? Although in hindsight cancer is more forgiving to animals because they do not have to lose fur and look gaunt from treatment, just the thought that your beloved pet has cancer and dying is enough to make you cry. Canine cancer is different than human cancer. Most dogs that are aged ten and above are most likely to develop a type of canine cancer. But just like in human cancer, the earlier the cancer is detected and treated, the higher the chance of survival. Look for telltale signs that your older dog may have that can signify that it has cancer.

Dental Disease

Dental Disease

Dogs need their canine teeth taken care of too. Brushing their teeth should be included in its regular grooming. Did you know that your pets should also be taken to the vet for regular teeth cleaning? Doing so prevents cavities, plaque buildup and other dental issues. Neglecting your pet’s dental health can lead to other serious illnesses such as heart and kidney problems.



Just like in humans, arthritis can cripple dogs. It can be evident in the onset of old age, so if you notice that your pet is moves and gets up slower than the usual, it may already have arthritis. Joints can also be swollen, so watch out for those too. This condition is untreatable, but there are supplements that your pet can take to lessen its effect.



Whoever knew that felines can have this condition of over-active thyroid glands? It can make your cat lose its usual appetite, resulting in weight loss, and can be noticeably thirsty all the time. If you notice any of these symptoms in your furry friend, it’s high time to visit the vet.

Pets are families, so whenever they get sick they should also be given the proper medical attention so they can grow old with us. Any unusual characteristic that your pet develops should be cause for concern. Keep your vet’s number on speed dial.

Phobias May Be Common But These 25 Weirdest Phobias Are Just Too Strange To Believe


Fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of clowns, fear of spiders- these are quite among the common phobias there are out there. Phobias can make our lives a living hell. These can make us think crazy things, get paranoid, be reasonably scared, make us do things we don’t normally do and make us run for the hills.

It is medically defined as an anxiety disorder that makes people feel terrified about something that’s not really dangerous at all. People who have phobias experience sweaty hands, difficulty in breathing and panic attacks.

Most of the phobias are understandable but there are just some phobias that make you question why they even existed in the first place. Ever wonder what are some of the weirdest phobias of all time?

Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing

Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing

Who wouldn’t love a good old bath right? It refreshes you, energizes you and focuses your mind a whole lot better. So would you even believe that there are some people who are scared of taking a bath? Well, we all know they’d be smelling pretty nasty.

Xanthophobia – Fear of the Color Yellow

Xanthophobia – Fear of the Color Yellow

Yellow is such a merry color. It can brighten up any room and it can even make it look larger. But unfortunately, not every is fond of yellow, and a small fraction of them are scared of yellow.

Nomophobia – Fear for No Internet Connection

Nomophobia – Fear for No Internet Connection

Ah life can be superbly hard without internet connection especially because much of our day to day activities are integrated with it. School works are communicated through emails or Facebook, Work uses a whole lot of the emails for giving out memos and reports. It’s quite normal to be annoyed when there’s you get no reception, but some people are not just annoyed, but they get awfully scared about it.

Philopobia – Fear of Falling In Love

Philopobia – Fear of Falling In Love

This might just be something that comes right out of those pocketbook novels out there, fear of falling in love. You don’t buy it? Well, this one’s very common but still very strange in all ways and chances are you’ve already met one who has just this problem.

Hypnophobia – Fear of Sleep

Hypnophobia – Fear of Sleep

Lots of people who have hypnophobia are scared that they wouldn’t wake up anymore and they’re not just worried about it but they’re superbly sure of its likability. You can imagine how hard it is for these people to focus on anything at all.

Spectrophobia – Fear of One’s Reflection

Spectrophobia – Fear of One’s Reflection

If you think that only vampires are afraid of their reflection, then you should think again, because there are number of people who fear seeing their own reflection as well. They fear that they would see someone they don’t recognize, or someone that’s too hideous to even lay eyes on.

Gymnophobia – Fear of Nudity

Gymnophobia – Fear of Nudity

Now this is not just the fear of seeing oneself without clothing, but also seeing others nude.  People who have this do fear nudity because they feel like they’re unsafe and unprotected once stripped off of their clothing. Who wouldn’t fear being vulnerable right?

Vestiophobia – Fear of Wearing Clothes

Vestiophobia – Fear of Wearing Clothes

If you so thought that fear of nudity is crazy, then you would definitely find yourself shocked to know that there are some individuals who are afraid of wrapping themselves with really tight clothing. Which is why, they tend to wear loose clothes instead or they just run around without anything on at all.

Venustrophobia – Fear of Beautiful Women

Venustrophobia – Fear of Beautiful Women

Ever met a guy who goes all panicky when he sees a gorgeous woman walking right past him? It’s quite normal to be very sweaty when someone so attractive is there, but having panic attacks because of that is a phobia that can cause a man a lot. Being scared of beautiful women may seem really irrational, but aren’t all phobias irrational anyway. You might think that this is impossible, but it wouldn’t be included in the list if it weren’t real anyway.

Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness

Cacophobia – Fear of Ugliness

There are a lot of ugly things in this world. That it is the ugly truth that we face every single day, but it turns out that not a lot of people can suck it up.

Pedophobia – Fear of Kids

Pedophobia – Fear of Kids

Kids can be two things, a bundle of joy or a source of terror and although it’s already established that not a lot of people are a huge fan of kids, there are some who don’t just hate them, but they fear them too.

Didaskaleinophobia – Fear of Going to School

Didaskaleinophobia – Fear of Going to School

When we were kids we had those days when we just wanted to stay in bed and skip school. It’s fun and it’s really relaxing. You know, it’s always great to not worry about those cruel home works and those lengthy lectures that we don’t really pay attention to. But there are just instances that people develop the fear of going to school and you can thank the bullies for most of that.

Heliophobia – Fear of Sunlight

Heliophobia – Fear of Sunlight

They’re not like Edward Cullen who doesn’t shy away the sun and sparkle like an amazing jar of glitters, but instead they fear of getting sunburns and other skin problems from the harsh rays of the sun.

Novercaphobia – Fear of Stepmothers

Novercaphobia – Fear of Stepmothers

Who knew that Cinderella and Snowhite could create such fears inside a person’s head. For a person who has Novercaphobia, they fear that their cruel stepmother would do something to them. Ah, so much for watching fairytales!

Neophobia – Fear of New Things

Neophobia – Fear of New Things

It’s always more convenient to follow a routine in life. It keeps us moving in a very organized way. However, there are times when we need to do new things for us to progress and there are some people who just can’t shake off the fear of doing just that. They feel like doing something new would derail them from their original plan.

Ergophobia – Fear of Work or the Work Place

Ergophobia - Fear of Work or the Work Place

Now this is different from not wanting to work because that’s laziness. Believe it or not, people who have this fear are not making it up, but they are actually afraid to work. According to psychologists, it’s more of a combination of different fears such as social anxiety and the fear of failing on something that was assigned to them.

Oikophobia – Fear of the Content of the House

Oikophobia – Fear of the Content of the House

This could be anything that’s inside the house like bathtubs, equipment, furniture and appliances. Imagine how difficult it could be when you can’t remove that specific item that you’re afraid of because you need it, say for instance the fridge?

Haphephobia – Fear of Being Touched

Haphephobia – Fear of Being Touched

If you’re around of a person with this type of fear, know that they have nothing against you. It’s just that they have this weird phobia of being touched. Now that could be a real problem when they get into the dating stage. It must be agonizing for them to be intimate with their partner.

Hylophobia – Fear of Wood, Tree and Forest

Hylophobia – Fear of Wood, Tree and Forest

You would probably guess that people with this type of phobia may not have any furniture, equipment or materials in their home that’s made of wood. However, it could be extremely difficult for them when they go outside as they are most likely to find something that’s made of wood and there are also trees. While this may seem as an irrational fear, it’s usually caused by a traumatic experience that may have been forgotten like being attacked with a piece of wood. So if you think about it, it’s not really that irrational as there’s a reason behind it.

Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns

Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns

If you know of people like this, make sure not to surprise them with clowns on their birthday or it would be the worst one for them. While many think of clowns as funny and amazing, those with this kind of phobia think otherwise.

Descendophobia – Fear of Walking Downstairs

Descendophobia – Fear of Walking Downstairs

You probably wouldn’t dream of having a second story in your home if you have this as you would need to go down the stairs if that’s the case. It could be risky to go down the stairs if you have this fear since you could get dizzy, which is something that people with this phobia often experience. You might fall down and hurt yourself. There’s also this phobia of moving upwards or climbing the stairs, which is called ascendophobia. You guessed it right, they are from the words descend and ascend.

Gephyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Bridge

Gephyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Bridge

The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Tower Bridge in London and Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia may not excite you like other people if you have this fear. It’s best to find a place that’s away from rivers or any body of water that would need you to cross a bridge. The good news is that there are cities that provide driving service for crossing the car to the other end of the bridge, which would be convenient for you.

Eisotrophobia – Being Scared of Own Reflection

Eisotrophobia – Being Scared of Own Reflection

The reason behind this fear is that the person is afraid to see that there’s something wrong in him, like physical deformities. It could also be the fear that something would just show up in the mirror when they look at it.

Chorophobia – Fear of Dancing

Chorophobia – Fear of Dancing

Well, this isn’t just the fear of dancing itself, but anything associated with it like parties, club, ballrooms and the like. If you have this phobia, I bet you wouldn’t enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars or Got to Dance!

Omphalophobia-Fear of Bellybuttons

Omphalophobia-Fear of Bellybuttons

One of the reasons why some people have fear of bellybuttons is that they find the image of umbilical cord and womb attached to it disturbing. There are also those that feel that their inside will go out of their bellybuttons. People suffering from this are not just afraid of other people’s navel but their own too. So when you show off your hot bod to that person you like, make sure that he/she doesn’t have omphalophobia. You might just make that person collapse instead of being turned on.

Ever heard of such fears? They may seem a little bit strange but they do exists and some people we know might just have these things. What about you? What are your phobias? Do you think they’re weird too? Let us know!

How Do I Refinance My Student Loans?

“How do I refinance my student loans?”

This question is one that is commonly asked by many Americans who are experiencing the effects of the financial crunch. Most of them are in a quandary on how they can refinance their student loan payments. Some student loans start out well, but become a burden overtime. As a result, people are finding it hard to make payments on time. While there are some whose student loans have spiraled out of proportion because of the interest rates and fees keep piling up. So to answer the question of how to refinance student loans, we’re bringing you some simple tips in this article.

Student Loan

Do an Honest Assessment of your Financial Capacity

Before you go out shopping for institutions to refinance your student loan, you need to do an honest assessment of your current financial capacity. Get an inventory of your sources of income (or money-in activities) and also your expenses (or money-out activities). This way, you can get an idea if you’re in the black (cash positive) or in the red (cash negative). This assessment will help guide you in making decisions regarding how much you can afford.

Know your Credit Score

A good credit score will work to your advantage because lenders will give you better rates or better terms. Know your credit score by requesting a credit report. If you happen to have a low credit score, don’t go out shopping for a refinancing firm just yet. Wait a few months and do your best to improve your score. In the long run, you will save a lot in fees and interest when you have a higher credit rating.

Contact your Current Lender

Talk to your current provider and talk about your concerns. They can find ways to help you and may even offer to reduce your interest rate or lengthen your term (that’s if your credit rating is good).

Find an Institution to Refinance Your Loan

Go to your local banks and talk to their loan division officer. You will find that the smaller banks are making it easier for people to refinance their loans.There are also Credit Unions ready to assume your loan. These institutions act as a union so they are not privately run. Thus, they can offer lower interest rates to their lenders.

Check out the Department of Education’s Direct Loan Program’s Website

This program by the US government makes it easier for Americans to refinance their student loan with the help of the Department of Education and your school.Here’s a good news to government employees: The College Cost Reduction Access Act of 2007 has a forgiveness program whereby they discharge remaining debts of government employees who have been working for 10 years or more. You just have to make 120 payments under this program starting 2007 in order to qualify.

So get started on your journey to financial freedom. You can follow these tips so that you can find the best way for you to refinance your student loans.

Best Forex Trading School: Learning How to Trade

Are you looking for a Forex trading school to enroll in?

Investment virgins are jumping for joy because there is a lot of Forex trading schools that operate online. These trade schools have made a Forex investment easier to learn. In the old days, one had to stock up on books to read about Forex trading. Eager Forex learners also made countless, and often fruitless, calls to brokers in the hope of finding someone who can coach and guide them through their transactions. But those days are long gone.

An investment beginner can now learn Forex trading in the comfort of their homes using only their computer. Here are five sites that offer investment tutorials to those who want to learn about Forex trading:

 forex trading school

1. Online Trading Academywww.tradingacademy.com

This site offers a free trial on their courses and even offers subscribers a free retake (should they decide they need to redo a class). Aside from Forex, they also have courses on Stocks, Futures and Options. The Online Trading Academy has an educational system that guides all students step-by-step into each lesson. Plus, they have a Graduate Program for advanced subscribers.

2. AVA FX –  www.avafx.com

The Ava group is actually an online Forex trading broker. But they are kind enough to include free resource material for Forex trading in their website. Ava has tutorials and guides for the beginners. Plus they have webinars, video tutorials, audio commentary and charts for the more advanced learner.

3. BabyPipswww.babypips.com

This site deserves kudos for integrating humor with Forex trading—two things we don’t normally associate together. But they do a splendid job of teaching Foreign Exchange in a non-threatening way. Aside from the tutorials, BabyPips has a blog that’s updated frequently where you can learn about market updates. They also have a forum where you can connect and network with other members.  What’s great is that everything here is free.

4. ForeXMentor  –  www.forexmentor.com

ForeXMentor started by selling DVD videos of their tutorial online. They have seen included these videos on their website for users to view (without the need for a physical copy). They have a formidable roster of successful Forex traders to help guide and mentor students. The content they offer is extensive. And they make it easy to follow because they categorize lessons by difficulty.

5. Forex Razor  –  www.forexrazor.com

Here’s another website that offers a myriad of lesson in Forex trading. But they also feature a Test Lab where you can apply what you learned in a secure way (you don’t lose money on failed investments). And they have a forum where members can interact. For the advanced learners, the site’s featured tools like charts and calculators are a big help.

 forex trading school

Choose from any Forex trading school that we featured and you’re sure to find the lessons you need. Forex is a challenging investment field, but it can be learned. What’s even better is that some of these sites are nice enough to offer lessons free of charge. They do this because they want to encourage more people to get into Forex trading. Hit up on those websites now and start learning.

15 Best Forex Trading Sites

Engaging in Forex trading is risky. It is of much significance that before doing any trade online, you should know the site where you will be placing your investment in. This is to ensure that it grows and you can profit from it. If you are new in this industry, you are just in time that you landed on this page since we will put your search for the best Forex trading sites to rest.

 best forex trading site

Take a look at these sites and carefully weigh things first before finally deciding to entrust your money to them.

1. Forex Factory

Forex Factory is the largest forum for Forex traders. They have a great calendar and a fantastic news section accessible for everyone’s update.

2. FX Street

FX Street is one multilingual giant Forex trading site that makes the site a worldwide meeting place of traders across the globe. The site also features daily outlooks, weekly forecasts and big event previews.

3. Forex Live

Forex Live is a great resource based on a platform like that of blogging and its publishing contents are more like of a Twitter feed that are available all of the time. They do interbank moves affecting Forex, news updates and a lot more.

4. Alphaville

Alphaville is a blog about Financial Times that provides great to macro analysis helpful in making you understand the news behind the presented news. This will truly widen your horizon about the industry.

5. Trading NRG

Trading NRG is a very good site if you are in need to keep up with oil, gas, gold and silver for everything is just interconnected.

6. Forex TV

As a part of the industry grows, it means that it also has a video and this is where Forex TV leads the best. Traders can collaborate with some of their staff and a weekly commentary will be provided.

7. NetDania

NetDania is one of the sites that use the best Forex trading strategies by providing you with the tools that you need. What are these tools? They are the superb tools for charting and graphing. Aside from that, they are also tuning the software that you use all the time.

8. Currensee

If you think that Forex trading is of no use or relevance in social media sites, you got it wrong because the presence of Curresee on these sites proves that. It is in fact the first Forex to be in social networks and has made huge steps forward in the year 2010. They have been having happy customers and they definitely know what they are doing.

 best forex trading site

9. FX Tech Strategy

The site’s technical analysis includes currencies, commodities using technical tools and precious metals.

10. Daily FX Blogs

Daily FX Blogs has the largest and the widest portals for Forex that features a busy blogs section that everybody can participate in.

11. Winners Edge Trading

Casey Stubbs is the person that has a great covering job for EUR/USD because his posts talking about trading psychology does provide very good insights.

12. The Forex Articles

In the Forex Articles, James Woody will guide you in this industry with the use of his Forex strategies, weekly updates on trading and his Forex trading ideas aside from inspiring you with his posts on the site.

13. Forex Magnates

Forex Magnates is a very good source of the inside news about the industry. It is a leader of information and a critical player for other industry leaders. The site has also a growing authority in the previous years and enhancing its reach closely with all key players of the industry.

14. Francesc Riverola

Francesc Riverola is a renowned blog from the President and CEO of FX Street providing traders with all the insider knowledge that they should know in order for them to get the lowdown on what’s ticking this industry at this time.

15. Forex Blog

In the Forex Blog, Adam Kritzer will give you his long term macro insights that will be helpful for you being in this industry and he brings Forex opinions from the world’s second largest economy which is China.

Joining and trading your money in Forex sites is a risky thing to do especially that these days, hard-earned money should be spent well and wisely. With the best Forex trading sites that we have on the list, you can be assured that they are legitimate. You will never have doubts about their capacity to handle your money because they have already built their reputation in the industry.

Stock Investing Courses: Steps On How To Invest In Stocks

No investor or trader made it big trading stocks without first taking stock investing courses. Investing in the stock market is quite a challenge. Yes, you can make a lot of money by making all the right investments or trades. But it’s just as easy to lose everything with one false move. A good investor not only knows the best stocks to invest in, but also the bad stocks to get rid of.

stock investing courses

This article outlines the basics of how to invest in the stock market. We will explore what a beginner needs to know about the stock market to get started. In the latter part of the article, we will be featuring a few resources to check out.

Investment Tip 1: Invest in Good Education

By education we mean both theory and practice. A trader needs to understand how what stock trading is before he or she delves into this world. More importantly, a trader should be familiar with how the market works. There are several good resources to choose from (more on that below). These learning institutions can give a wannabe investor the necessary skills and knowledge to make it in the world of stock investment.

Investment Tip 2: Practice Before Going Live

As with other things in life that are worth doing, you need to practice investing before doing the actual thing. There are several virtual trading sites where a beginner can practice making trades without the risk of losing money. These virtual stock investment sites provide beginners with a virtual fund (think of it as play money) to use in making simulated investments. Doing a live trading without using real money places the beginner in real-time trading scenarios. This experience is valuable to anyone who is new in stock investing.

Investment Tip 3: Research, research, research

You don’t pick stocks on a whim. There has to be a semblance of discipline on how one picks stocks to invest in. The best way to approach investing in stocks is to research companies. A trader should learn all he can about a certain company—of its business plan down to its management style.

Investment Tip 4: Set Aside a Budget to Lose

We’re not being pessimistic here; we’re just being realistic. Don’t expect to score big on your first few investments. Initially, new traders will really lose out in the early stages of their investing career. But they shouldn’t be discouraged with these losses. Each of these losses provides tons of real-world lessons for the investor. They just have to prepare a certain budget they’re ready to lose (and treat this as an investment in their real-world education).

stock investing courses

Best Resources to Learn Stock Investing

Here’s a round-up of the places where you can find the stock investing courses available on the internet:

  • Bettertrades.com—has a comprehensive forum composed of seasoned traders. These forum members can give great advice to new traders.
  • DayTradingABC.com—has all the requisite information on how to invest in the stock market. They also have an email newsletter feature for their members.
  • NASDAQ.com and NYSE.com—these are two markets for trading that also provide resources for its traders. NYSE even provides an eBook download for offline learning.
  • HowtheMarketWorks.com—has a forum with intelligent members. Another plus is that they have a market simulator for beginners.
  • Investing101.net—has a comprehensive website that offers downloads, email newsletter for members, a forum and a market simulator. This all-in-one site is perfect for newbie traders.

We hope you can gather more information from the websites we provided. Study the market and make sure to follow the tips. The stock market can be a very profitable venture for the hardiest of traders. They just have to manage the risks and everything should flow.

Do you have other stock investing courses you want to share with us?

Different Forex Trading Scam To Avoid

Watch out because there are a lot of Forex trading scams out there. Don’t be a victim of these scams. Read this Forex trading guide and learn how to avoid these cons. Forex trading has become a very lucrative means to earn a living that many con men are turning to it to prey on unsuspecting traders.

Forex trading scams can take on many forms. A common theme in these scams is the promise of easy money. Scammers like to prey on gullible individuals by promising a get-rich-quick scheme to them. These promises always prove too good to be true. There’s no easy way or shortcut in Forex trading. It takes a lot of effort and time to become a good Forex trader. And you should be suspicious if anyone is promising you the opposite.

Here are the more common Forex scams that are out there:

Signal Sellers

Signal Sellers sell insider information to traders. They give advice, usually at very high fees, on which trades to execute. These sellers purport to have information on news and events that will affect the movement of the market. Don’t believe these guys—they’re hacks. Yes, they can sell you information, but you’ll soon find that the information they sold you are virtually useless. Don’t believe these signal sellers—the information they have is something you probably already know.

Fake Investment Fundsforex trading scam

If you’ve heard of HYIP or High Yield Investment Program then maybe you’ve been a victim of this scam. Scammers approach traders offering to take their money to invest in the High Yield fund. They sweet-talk the traders into thinking that they can double (or even triple) their money in mere weeks. Again, all these things sound very inviting but are too good to be true.

The HYIP is reminiscent of the Ponzi scheme. In this scheme, the scammers take their victim’s money without even investing it. They pool the money into a fund they use to supposedly pay their clients. But all they do is take the money and run.

Ultimate Forex Software

You probably encountered ads in websites promoting a software that can give you sure tips on which investments to make. Don’t believe in this software—these are nothing but scams. The Foreign Exchange Market is something that even the world’s fastest and most-advanced computers cannot predict.

If you’re looking for a Forex software, look one that provides you data to help you with your analysis. Never invest in a software that can suspiciously do the thinking for you. The cost of these fake software should also be a dead giveaway. These scam software goes as high as $5,000.

Don’t be a Victim

You should always be on your toes when trading Forex. These scams are quite common and you will surely encounter a lot of them. Think long and hard before making any decisions. There’s a saying that goes: “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Don’t be a fool; avoid these scams at all cost.

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