Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date

Breaking Bad was a tremendously successful television series that millions of fans are clamoring for Breaking Bad Season 6. Unfortunately, Breaking Bad has ended. It’s done and it’s never coming back.

The news about Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date was a hoax. A fake story about the Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere Date was widely spread out all over Google and various social media platforms. Unfortunately, Season 5 was really the end of the series. Walter White has died and did not really lived as mentioned in the hoax news.

The hunger for more Breading Bad seasons is undeniable and people are really excited to know if there’s a Season 6. Regrettably, like most television series, Breaking Bad has concluded.

For now, let’s find out, why Breaking Bad is such a big hit. Maybe because the story has taught viewers, many lessons. Here are the top 10 unforgettable lessons from Breaking Bad series:

Family is King!

When Walter was diagnosed with a critical illness, he knew that he has to do something quick to make sure his family was taken care of once he was gone. This is the major reason why he went into illegal drugs. Selling methamphetamine became his way to becoming wealthy. However, as we all knew, illegal drug business would always result to non-stop criminal related activities such as murder, and destroying young people’s lives.

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Chemistry can make you rich

Chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects in school. We are certain that lots of students dislike this subject. However, if you studied this course, it can help you earn lots of money. An average high school chemistry teacher can earn as much as $55,000 annually. It’s actually a decent salary for a family man. However, if you want to be really wealthy, then a background in Chemistry can really make one person very rich by producing crystal meth. But please use your knowledge on better causes, Breaking Bad is just a television show.

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Change your Image.

Change up your image as this can really develop your self-esteem. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer like Walter who transformed into a boring high school teacher to a drug lord. He grew his beard and shaved his head. This made him look totally different from the man he used to be. However, please transform your looks to someone better and certainly not a drug lord!

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Keep a lawyer friend for life

Every bad guy should have a lawyer friend. In Breaking Bad, Walter White has kept a very smart Lawyer, Saul Goodman to keep him away from the prison bars.

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Make yourself indispensable

In Breaking Bad, Walter White is the best producer of crystal meth that even his mortal enemies can’t kill him for it. In life and in work, when you produce the highest quality of products, you became truly indispensable!

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To be successful, you need a strong team.

Walter White made sure that he had the smartest and strongest people on his team. His partners in crime are the best drug dealers in town . Jesse, for example, was a perfect match for him as they can peacefully work and divide tasks effectively.

7. Successful People Work Hard

Success does not happen overnight! People who are successful worked very hard to achieve their dreams. This principle also applies to drug lords such as Walter White and Jesse. They both worked enormously to keep their success going.

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Networking is key!

For any business, one should at least have the proper connections. Certainly, building relationships is key. In Breaking Bad, Walter White made sure that he had the right people and networks in order to survive and succeed in the illegal drug industry.

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Set goals that scares you!

As someone diagnosed with cancer, Walter White knew he wouldn’t last long, hence he aimed to earn as much money to keep his family in good state for many centuries to come.

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Customers are king!

Many times in the Breaking Bad television series, Walter White and Jesse has to deal with difficult customers. However, they always remained zealous in dealing with them with respect.

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