15 Best Forex Trading Sites

Engaging in Forex trading is risky. It is of much significance that before doing any trade online, you should know the site where you will be placing your investment in. This is to ensure that it grows and you can profit from it. If you are new in this industry, you are just in time that you landed on this page since we will put your search for the best Forex trading sites to rest.

 best forex trading site

Take a look at these sites and carefully weigh things first before finally deciding to entrust your money to them.

1. Forex Factory

Forex Factory is the largest forum for Forex traders. They have a great calendar and a fantastic news section accessible for everyone’s update.

2. FX Street

FX Street is one multilingual giant Forex trading site that makes the site a worldwide meeting place of traders across the globe. The site also features daily outlooks, weekly forecasts and big event previews.

3. Forex Live

Forex Live is a great resource based on a platform like that of blogging and its publishing contents are more like of a Twitter feed that are available all of the time. They do interbank moves affecting Forex, news updates and a lot more.

4. Alphaville

Alphaville is a blog about Financial Times that provides great to macro analysis helpful in making you understand the news behind the presented news. This will truly widen your horizon about the industry.

5. Trading NRG

Trading NRG is a very good site if you are in need to keep up with oil, gas, gold and silver for everything is just interconnected.

6. Forex TV

As a part of the industry grows, it means that it also has a video and this is where Forex TV leads the best. Traders can collaborate with some of their staff and a weekly commentary will be provided.

7. NetDania

NetDania is one of the sites that use the best Forex trading strategies by providing you with the tools that you need. What are these tools? They are the superb tools for charting and graphing. Aside from that, they are also tuning the software that you use all the time.

8. Currensee

If you think that Forex trading is of no use or relevance in social media sites, you got it wrong because the presence of Curresee on these sites proves that. It is in fact the first Forex to be in social networks and has made huge steps forward in the year 2010. They have been having happy customers and they definitely know what they are doing.

 best forex trading site

9. FX Tech Strategy

The site’s technical analysis includes currencies, commodities using technical tools and precious metals.

10. Daily FX Blogs

Daily FX Blogs has the largest and the widest portals for Forex that features a busy blogs section that everybody can participate in.

11. Winners Edge Trading

Casey Stubbs is the person that has a great covering job for EUR/USD because his posts talking about trading psychology does provide very good insights.

12. The Forex Articles

In the Forex Articles, James Woody will guide you in this industry with the use of his Forex strategies, weekly updates on trading and his Forex trading ideas aside from inspiring you with his posts on the site.

13. Forex Magnates

Forex Magnates is a very good source of the inside news about the industry. It is a leader of information and a critical player for other industry leaders. The site has also a growing authority in the previous years and enhancing its reach closely with all key players of the industry.

14. Francesc Riverola

Francesc Riverola is a renowned blog from the President and CEO of FX Street providing traders with all the insider knowledge that they should know in order for them to get the lowdown on what’s ticking this industry at this time.

15. Forex Blog

In the Forex Blog, Adam Kritzer will give you his long term macro insights that will be helpful for you being in this industry and he brings Forex opinions from the world’s second largest economy which is China.

Joining and trading your money in Forex sites is a risky thing to do especially that these days, hard-earned money should be spent well and wisely. With the best Forex trading sites that we have on the list, you can be assured that they are legitimate. You will never have doubts about their capacity to handle your money because they have already built their reputation in the industry.